Since the release of “Ewid Disco” WAFA has been busy working on more productions, and remixes.  The “Choir Crunch / Deep All Star” tracks have been picked up by Dave Spoon’s Television label whilst his collab track with Wolfie “Tom Tom” has been signed up to Malente’s No Brainer label and due over the Summer.


"WAFA's been a drummer for years (touring all over the world with Basement Jaxx and that’s how we met) but unlike some drummers that get caught up in extended drum solo trickery (he can do that too!) he prefers to let the beats roll out on his solo work. His drums are something that I admire a lot as a fellow producer – sonically massive – dance music driven from the kick!

Lucky Strike is the opener and also hard to describe and I guess that's why I love it. It's built from a house template but has the WAFA live drums which are swung so naturally (they are all played on his drum kit in the studio then re arranged and edited after) and also features a really infectious bassline bounce. The breakdown is the curveball and it wouldn't be a WAFA track without it.

Felix from Basement Jaxx got on the edit for this and has appropriately titled it the ‘skank edit’, the organ solo that runs throughout it reminiscent of some old ska sounds and takes the track to another place – one for the brothel creepers crew.

Fruit Bat is the track I've been playing most in my sets – DJ's love playing this one. It’s a great percussive track and I really miss these drum-orientated tracks. It’s a journey through drum and sub. I really love the subtleties in this relentless groove.

Duppy Song is the most syncopated track on the release – inspired by UK afro centric rhythms. It’s a cool roller, building and getting darker with tribal chants and bass growls. This has been working for me a lot if when I’m playing more African tracks in my set."