Midnight Marauder is rolling techno fuzzing with a teetering bass line, reggae sirens and jamaican patois adlibs. Typical of the two involved, it’s decidedly grey area – impossible to categorise if you tried. One thing about this track is certain though – it’s primed for peak time on the dancefloor, with swung drum rhythms and a snaking acid line that wont quit. ‘Kind Of Familiar’, on the flip side, is a different Grizzly beast altogether. A much deeper Grizzly beast. Opening with astral twinkles, cosmic pads and longing melodic chords we're introduced to a whispering female vocal. "Kind of familiar," she murmurs, but the stabbing pizzacato strings that come next are totally unexpected. As is the wiggly bass line and hard stuttering drums – a perfect juxtaposition.