The enigmatic Jon Giovanni following on from his recent smash single, ‘Take Off’, with yet another disco fuelled house hit for the clubs.  A favourite of Annie Mac, Brodinski, A-Trak, Surkin, Boy 8 Bit and Drop The Lime.





On ‘Bamboo’, Giovanni flips the infectious vocal sample and crafts it into a masterful club track. The drop is huge and destined to cause a frenzy on the dancefloor. Its uplifting string arrangements, arping synthlines and lively production are sure to hold the attention of even the most acute ADD sufferer, the result is one monumental disco record!


"The main track builds over a mad European 80's disco track – I'm sure the disco collectors will know the original…It’s a really fun, pretty eccentric, campy, oddball disco gem and the outro is one of the best I've heard – very ‘Jaxxy’. There's also a 'Night Dub’, which takes some of the elements of the original but extends the house.”