We proudly present to you ‘Arnold Classics’ from Reims boy Brodinski: the second, no less killer, release on Graeme Sinden’s own Grizzly label.

The Grizzly label was set up with the prime intention of promoting the unpigeonhole-able, in Sinden’s words the “‘grey area’ sounds, music you can’t quite put your finger on, stuff that sits between genres and puzzles you at the same time,” and from the moment ‘Arnold Classics’ opens with a disconcerting strangled groan you know this isn’t the normal fare. Replete with an unusual and shall we say, ‘windy’, percussive sample throughout, Brodi has crafted an insistent, creeping and delightfully unsettling banger. Early DJ feedback has thus far been overwhelmingly positive with the record at the top of Annie, Erol, Mehdi, Zinc and A-Trak’s boxes.

Arnold Classics’ comes complete with a number of speaker-shattering remixes from the likes of Sweden’s Tony Senghore (who loved the track so much he’s remixed it twice), new school hero and Night Slugs co-hort Egyptrixx from Toronto, and Philly club king DJ Sega.